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Hi! I'm Maria.

A tattooed traveller, a curious mind,

a conscious entrepreneur and...

a frenzied Yogi.

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- fei
[to fly in Chinese]


I turned on the TV with childish excitement, zapped up to channel 36 where I knew, every day around 5 PM, there was a broadcasted yoga session.

My 12-year-old self in my parents' living room and the two smiling yoga instructors in Jane-Fonda-attire somewhere on a beach in the Bahamas flowed together through Tigers, Warriors, Pigeons and Camels.


Today I am not standing on a beach in the Bahamas. In fact, I have never been, but…


I am here for you.

I am here to hold space.

I am here so we can be creative together - you and I.

My mission is now to give to others, what I have been given.

My mission is now to help others find the practice that suits them best, whether it's connecting yoga and meditation, yoga and trippy jungle beats or yoga and taking care of your 3-year-old running around the house.

And I promise you, I am good at it.​

My journey with yoga started in an unconventional way and was marked by a discontinuity rather than stable growth and gradual exploration. There have been some hot years with Bikram, long years with uninspiring, yet affordable fitness-centre-yoga. There have been stormy affairs with online yoga class subscriptions and quickies with vid-cam life yoga sessions.

In 2018 things finally shifted.

After opening my own business and becoming my own boss, I finally carved out time to join a 200 HR Teacher Training Course, and my life changed completely. I dove deeper into the Yoga Philosophy, I discovered myself anew and in one single month, I grew more than I could ever imagine.

Let me help you guide you through your yoga journey. Eventually, you’ll fly on your own, but the first steps, let’s take together.





Maria is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor 

and has given private and studio classes in Hong Kong, Morocco,

Poland and most recently Cambodia.